Roommates’ Android vs. iPhone Argument Turns Violent

Roommates’ Android vs. iPhone Argument Turns Violent

While many of us have engaged in the argument of Android vs. iPhone, I’m willing to bet none of the discussions became as heated as the one between a pair of Oklahoma roommates, which ended with stabbing wounds for both involved.

Roommates' Android vs. iPhone Argument Turns Violent


Two men in Tulsa, Okla. were hospitalized on Friday after stabbing each other in a fight over the superiority of iPhones versus Android devices, according to a local ABC TV affiliate.

KTUL reports that around 1AM on April 17, a woman found one of the combatants stumbling around the Evergreen Apartments complex, covered in blood. Police were called, and following an investigation discovered that both men, (say it with me), had been drinking.

Apparently, the two men began discussing the relative merits of iPhone vs. Android – as refined gentlemen often do – and as the discussion spiraled out of control, the pair broke their beer bottles and proceeded to get stabby with them.

At this point in time we don’t know the seriousness of the injuries to either debate team member, or if either have decided to press charges.