Video: Demo Apple Watch Shows 70 Second Boot Time

Video: Demo Apple Watch Shows 70 Second Boot Time

A video posted to YouTube over the weekend shows the startup time for a demo Apple Watch, with the device taking exactly 70 seconds to boot up from black screen to clock face.


The Apple Watch in the video is a demo unit, with internals reportedly very close to retail units, but heavy software customization and other factors particular to the demo setup could be impeding this particular Watch’s boot time.

Even if a production Apple Watch is burdened¬†with a similarly slow boot up time, it’s likely to not be much of an issue for most users, as they’ll likely keep the device turned on most of the time, similar to their iPhone.

Customers who were lucky enough to pre-order their Apple Watch in time to be included in the first wave of deliveries should be receiving their new wearable device at the end of this week, as the official launch date for the Apple Watch is April 24.