Adobe to Remove Photoshop Touch From App Store

Adobe to Remove Photoshop Touch From App Store

Adobe has announced that it will remove Photoshop Touch for iOS from the App Store and other platforms as of May 28. The company says it will refocus its efforts on other apps in the Creative Cloud suite.

Adobe Blog:

Sometimes building for the future means we need to make hard choices and today I am also announcing that we are discontinuing Photoshop Touch. For those of you who have been using Photoshop Touch, thank you and please continue creating amazing work with it; while it will no longer be available in stores as of May 28th and we won’t ship further updates, it will remain completely functional on your devices for the foreseeable future. For further information on how this change could impact your workflow, please visit here.

Adobe’s apps in the Creative Cloud suite include Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Shape CC,Adobe Color CC, and Adobe Brush C . The software developer currently has over 50 apps on the App Store.

In the blog post announcing Photoshop Touch’s retirement, product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes shared a video peek, (seen above), of a new retouching solution Adobe is developing for mobile devices, currently known as Project Rigel. The new app should be available by late 2015.

The video demonstration showed off a number of features in the upcoming app, such as retouching features and filter effects including: warping, puckering and bloating, reconstructing, recoloring, brightness and contrast.

(Via MacRumors)