Apple Watch Sport Faces More Torture Tests (VIDEO)

Apple Watch Sport Faces More Torture Tests (VIDEO)

While the Apple Watch has already went through various torture tests, include being pitted against all sorts of kitchen hazards, as well as the infamous “Will it Blend?” test, YouTuber Richard Ryan decided to put an Apple Watch Sport through a few more “tests.”

Apple Watch Sport Faces More Torture Tests (VIDEO)


Known as “FullMag” on YouTube, Ryan this week has put the Apple Watch Sport through a series of three destruction tests – Liquid Nitrogen, Hydrogen Explosion, and a 50-caliber bullet shell – on his technology destruction-focused channel (via Cult of Mac).

Ryan first dropped an Apple Watch Sport into liquid nitrogen, then smashed the icy device with a sledgehammer. (UGH! I can’t watch!)

Torture test #2 consists of a hydrogen explosion. The Apple Watch Sport appears to have fared the best in this test out of the three, appearing relatively unharmed. However, Ryan doesn’t make any attempts to test the functionality of the device following the explosion, so there’s no telling what went on inside…

The third, and final episode of the Apple Watch Torture Trilogy shows Ryan shooting an Apple Watch Sport with a 50-caliber bullet. The damage is quite impressive, with the device being basically cleaved in half by the huge caliber round.

You’ll be glad to know Ryan doesn’t have a personal grudge against the Apple Watch in particular, just devices in general, destroying everything from Rolex watches to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.