Google Opens Up ‘Inbox by Gmail’ to All Users

Google Opens Up ‘Inbox by Gmail’ to All Users

Google has announced that their Inbox by Gmail app can now be used by everyone, with no invitation required. The search giant also announced that it has updated the app with Trip Bundles, Undo Send on mobile, the ability to select “Delete” as a swiping action, and more.


No more invites: Inbox is now open
Finally, you’ve asked for invites. And we’d like to say yes to all of you, all at once. So as of today, Inbox is open to everyone—no invitation required. All your Gmail messages are ready and waiting. So if you haven’t tried Inbox yet, download the app today, and start getting back to what matters.

Trip Bundles

The Trip Bundles feature takes all of your emails about a trip and bundles them together, offering the most important details (like flight times and hotel reservation numbers) available as soon as you open your Inbox. (As seen in the screenshots below.)

Google Opens Up 'Inbox by Gmail' to All Users

Undo Send, Swipe to Delete and Signatures

Google now offers Undo Send on the Inbox by Gmail app, allowing you to take back an email right after you send it, just in case you made a mistake, left something out, or had second thoughts about sending that rant to your boss.

Users can now make “Delete” the default swiping action, and users can now add custom signatures to personalize their emails.

Other New Features

Google has also added other new features:

  • Reminders created in Keep will now appear in the Inbox.
  • If someone sends you a to-do, Inbox will suggest setting a reminder for the task.
  • If you receive an email from HotelTonight or Eat24, you can open your reservations and food orders within their app, directly from Inbox
Google Opens Up 'Inbox by Gmail' to All Users

Inbox by Gmail is now available free for iOS devices in the App Store. [DOWNLOAD HERE]