Google Search to Begin Indexing iOS App Content

Google Search to Begin Indexing iOS App Content

Google has announced that its search engine will begin indexing content from iOS app for inclusion in its search results. The new program, beginning in the coming weeks, will allow iPhone users to open mobile app content directly from Google Search.

Google Search to Begin Indexing iOS App Content

Google says the indexed links from the initial group of iOS apps will begin appearing in the coming weeks, with results appearing for both Google app users, and for users signed-in to their Google accounts in Chrome.

The program should work similar to the app indexing initiative Google began for Android apps back in October 2013, where they give developers full control over which content they want included from their app.

Google supplies instructions on how to get an iOS app indexed:

How to get your iOS app indexed

While App Indexing for iOS is launching with a small group of test partners initially, we’re working to make this technology available to more app developers as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the steps to get a head start on App Indexing for iOS:

  1. Add deep linking support to your iOS app.
  2. Make sure it’s possible to return to Search results with one click.
  3. Provide deep link annotations on your site.
  4. Let us know you’re interested. Keep in mind that expressing interest does not automatically guarantee getting app deep links in iOS search results.

For those attending Google I/O this week, Google will be holding a talk entitled “Get your app in the Google index” where you can learn more about App Indexing. There is also detailed documentation on App Indexing for iOS available at: If all that can’t answer your questions, Google invites you to visit their Webmaster help forum.