Meet Grizzler, The World’s First Phodographer

Meet Grizzler, The World’s First Phodographer

Dogs are fun, friendly, beautiful creatures. They’re great at playing fetch, and learning tricks. But no one has ever accused them of being great photographers. (Phodographers?) But what if a dog could take photos of what excites them? Grizzler can!

Meet Grizzler, The World's First Phodographer


… Nikon has developed a camera mount that reacts to their heart rate. So when your favorite pooch spots something particularly awesome, the shutter will fire automatically, giving you an SD card full of the highlights.

Nikon’s “Heartography” setup is made up of two parts: an elastic heart-monitoring band and a “SmartCase” for the camera. The heart monitor data is sent over Bluetooth to the mount, and can be displayed on the mount’s OLED display.

Unfortunately, this whole deal appears to just be a fun, attention grabbing experiment, not a product being developed for sale. (Too bad, because we think dog lovers would snap them up.) The video below shows how the Phodographer setup works.