Review: Watch TV From Anywhere In The World With The Slingbox M1

Review: Watch TV From Anywhere In The World With The Slingbox M1

Tired of filling up your iPhone, iPad or tablet with apps from a multitude of cable networks only to have them ask you for login credentials after each update? All of that goes away with one simple wireless streaming box and multi-OS app from Slingbox and the new M1.



Streaming companies like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Vudu are all vying for your attention with low monthly fees, pay-per-download, cheap apps and the bundling of others services. But what about the content that you are already paying for through your cable or satellite company?

Sure there are a bunch of cable network apps, most of them free, that you can stream shows with. But there are hundreds of channels and not all shows are available for streaming, like Discovery’s Gold Rush.

Gold Rush has millions of viewers per episode but Discovery’s app only allows you to view clips. As a big fan of the show, that simply will not do. So my other option is a device like the Slingbox M1. I have owned a Slingbox since their very first version. When the new and smaller M1 was released, I wanted to see how the experience with their hardware and software has been upgraded.


Noticeably the M1 is a much smaller streaming gadget than previous versions of Slingboxes that I have owned or tested, at about a third of the size. It comes with WiFi and all of the needed cables in the box. No longer would I have to deal with WiFi gaming adapters and their temperamental setup procedures to get a streaming box to work.

The M1 comes with HD video connectors for input and output, right and left audio for input and output, an IR port, Ethernet port, a WiFi connection button for routers and hotspots that support it and a reset button. With this device, there is no need to worry about dealing with HDMI cabling.

Review: Watch TV From Anywhere In The World With The Slingbox M1

Once everything was connected to my TiVo Series 3 HD DVR, I powered up the streaming box. It started blinking and instantly made a connection to my home WiFi via an already configured WiFi gaming adapter. During this test, I wanted to see if someone with an iPad only could setup the M1.

I tapped on my Slingbox app and it found the M1 on my WiFi network right away. It checked the Slingbox servers for new firmware, downloaded it and installed the software. After about two minutes, installation was complete in three simple steps.

The app asked for my zip code to download a TV guide and which DVR so it could download the correct IR codes for a virtual remote control. Everything worked as expected without a single hitch. This was the easiest setup of any streaming device from Slingbox that I have ever experienced.

At this point, I had complete and full access to all of my recorded episodes in full HD quality along with the ability to control my DVR in real-time. Having real-time control of my DVR lets me schedule show recording up to the second and switch between multiple tuners if needed.

Final Thoughts

Imagine the freedom of watching live shows, while recording others and having the ability to do anything with your DVR from anywhere in the world with no monthly fees. I was able to control my DVR through a Slingbox many years ago via WiFi on a cruise ship by bouncing high speed Internet off of satellites.

Rating: [rating:5.0/5.0]

Pricing: Get the magical Slingbox M1 at a price of $149. The Slingbox iOS app for the iPad is available for $14.99. The Slingbox iOS app for the iPhone is $14.99. There are Slingbox apps for Android, Windows Phone and Windows devices as well.


  • Stream live shows from your cable, satellite or over-the-air box
  • Record live shows on your DVR even after it has started
  • Only $149 to stream HDTV via WiFi or Ethernet
  • No monthly fees
  • Easy setup


  • Requires free Slingbox computer app to stream shows rather than through a web browser plug-in

Disclaimer: I received a Slingbox M1 and Slingbox iPad app at no cost for review. I did not receive compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos are courtesy of Slingbox.