Apple Invites Customers to “Just Walk In” for Apple Watch Try-Ons

Apple Invites Customers to “Just Walk In” for Apple Watch Try-Ons

Apple continues to shift its policy on Apple Watch try-ons in their retail stores, as the Cupertino firm’s online storefront now invites customers to “just walk in to try Apple Watch on.”

Apple Invites Customers to "Just Walk In" for Apple Watch Try-Ons


In reality, walk-in customers have generally been able to arrange immediate try-on sessions for some time now as the crowds have significantly lessened following the initial surge. With Apple gearing up to begin in-store sales of the Apple Watch in just a few weeks, however, the company is already changing its customer guidance to omit the recommendation of making an appointment.

In the early days of the Apple Watch release, Apple had required customers to make an appointment to try on an Apple Watch, allowing them to try the various styles and sizes of the wearable device.

While it is now possible to “walk in” and try on an Apple Watch, it should be noted that appointments are still available, if you’d like to ensure time with both the Watch and an employee to walk you through the device’s features. MacRumors notes appointments might even be preferable once in-store sales of the Watch kickoff.

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