Apple Streaming Television Service Won’t Debut at WWDC 2015

Apple Streaming Television Service Won’t Debut at WWDC 2015

Apple will not be debuting its much-anticipated streaming subscription television service at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which kicks off on Monday, June 8. Re/code, citing people with knowledge of the situation, says Apple has yet to finalize licensing deals.

Apple Streaming Television Service Won't Debut at WWDC 2015


The Cupertino technology company has told network executives the planned unveiling will be postponed because Apple has yet to finalize the licensing deals. Industry executives predict Apple’s Web TV offering may not launch until later this year, or in 2016. Technology and money issues remain sticking points.

Apple was working to launch the new television service alongside the fall start of the new television season, but has seen that anticipated launch frame fall by the wayside as it has become bogged down over financial terms, and the technology required to deliver local programming via the new service.

Apple is working to allow viewers in cities around the United States to view programming from their local broadcast stations, however clearing the rights to show local programs and commercials has proven to be a time consuming process.

CBS CEO Les Moonves let the cat out of the bag last week, all but confirming Apple’s new streaming subscription service, when he told told Kara Swisher at the Code Conference that his network would “probably” sign a deal with Apple to carry the Eye network.