Apple to Replace Faulty 3TB iMac Hard Drives

Apple to Replace Faulty 3TB iMac Hard Drives

Apple has announced that owners of some iMacs that are equipped with a 3 terabyte hard drive may be eligible to have the hard drive replaced free of charge. Apple says the hard drives may fail “under certain conditions.”

Apple to Replace Faulty 3TB iMac Hard Drives

The program is open to owners of 27-inch iMac that were sold between December 2012 and September 2013. If you’re not sure if your iMac is covered, you can check the serial number of the computer on the Apple website.

Repairs can be made under the replacement program at any Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. If an owner has already paid to have a faulty drive replaced, they are instructed to contact Apple for a full refund.

Owners are, of course, instructed to backup all data on the iMac’s hard drive before having their machine serviced, as the process requires the re-installation of the drive’s operating system and all applications following the repairs.

The program covers affected iMac models until December 19, 2015 or three years from its original date of sale, whichever provides longer coverage.

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