Conflicting Reports Published About Possible T-Mobile Sale to Comcast

Conflicting Reports Published About Possible T-Mobile Sale to Comcast

Conflicting reports were published today about reported talks that might lead to cable provider Comcast purchasing number four wireless provider T-Mobile.


German Manager Magazine (via Reuters) reported on Wednesday that Deutsche Telekom is in talks with Comcast and others to sell T-Mobile US. The publication’s sources indicate potential buyers also include satellite television provider Dish Network. Comcast is reported to be the most favorable option as a buyer, due to its financial position, which would allow the cable giant to buy T-Mobile’s shares in whole.

Bloomberg reports that T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom shares rose slightly following release of the news.

T-Mobile shares rose as much as 3 percent in early trading, before the U.S. markets opened. Deutsche Telekom traded 1.8 percent higher at 15.31 euros at 1:44 p.m. in Frankfurt. T-Mobile, which is the fourth-largest U.S. mobile-phone company and is about 66 percent owned by Deutsche Telekom, has a market value of $31.5 billion.

ArsTechnica has posted a conflicting report, referencing a “Comcast source” who tells them that the company is not interested in buying the wireless firm, likely due to an agreement the cable provider has with Verizon Wireless:

Since 2012, Comcast has has a commercial partnership with Verizon Wireless that allows it to sell Verizon Wireless products in bundles with Comcast cable services. This partnership would also allow Comcast to resell Verizon Wireless service under its own name beginning next year.

No official statements have been released by T-Mobile or Comcast, however Deutsche Telekom has said that it “does not comment on rumors and speculation.”

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