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Dark Sky Weather App Now Takes Advantage of iPhone 6 Built-In Barometer

Dark Sky Weather App Now Takes Advantage of iPhone 6 Built-In Barometer

Developer Jackadam has released a “big honkin’ update” for its popular weather app, Dark Sky. The update includes support for the iPhone 6/6Plus barometer to allow crowdsourcing of weather data.

Dark Sky Weather App Now Takes Advantage of iPhone's Built-In Sensors

What’s New in Version 5.0.0

This is a big honkin’ update!

– Brand new layout, with a detailed hour-by-hour timeline for the next 24 hours (and for each of the next 7 days).

– Advanced Notifications: In addition to providing down-to-the-minute rain alerts for the next hour, you can now create custom alerts covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, precipitation, snow accumulation, wind, and more. We’ll also push severe weather alerts from the government weather service.

– A new weather reporter, so you can provide feedback on what exactly is happening out your window.

– iPhone 6 users can opt in to have their phones automatically provide us with pressure sensor data. This has the potential to dramatically improve our short-term forecasts in the future.

– Significant speed improvements when launching the app.

– UV Index. Because it’s summer, and you need to protect your delicate skin.

– Landscape on the iPad (even my wife was complaining about that one).

“This new version also adds a “Report” button so you can let us know what the weather is actually like where you are. Up until now, we’ve relied mostly on government-run weather stations to provide “ground truth” to validate our forecasts,” said a post on the developer’s blog. “But there are relatively few stations world-wide, and they don’t always provide timely updates when we need them. By recruiting our wonderful users to help us, we can greatly increase the on-the-ground data that we need most. It’s quick and easy to use, so I hope you’ll submit reports often to help us make our forecasts even better!”

The update also includes improvements to the Apple Watch app.

Dark Sky is available for the iPhone and iPad for $3.99 in the App Store. [GET IT HERE.]