Apple’s OS X El Capitan Trademark Filing Lists ‘Tablets’

Apple’s OS X El Capitan Trademark Filing Lists ‘Tablets’

The European Patent & Trademark Office has published Apple’s trademark filing for OS X El Capitan, and interestingly enough, the filing mentions something that wasn’t included in the verbiage of the OS X Mavericks and Yosemite filings: “Tablets.”

Apple's OS X El Capitan Trademark Filing Lists 'Tablets'

Patently Apple:

No, Apple won’t use El Capitan in context with heated socks or an electrified fence that have no connection to Apple’s new operating system even if it’s listed – but they could deliver an iPad Pro that could run the new OS X version.

The trademark was officially filed under International Class 009 with the specific verbiage as noted in full in the screenshot above. (Click the image to read it, unless you’re Superman, then… Carry on!

Of course merely mentioning a device such as a tablet doesn’t mean Apple will offer an iPad, say, oh… A 12.9-inch “iPad Pro,” with OS X El Capitan on it, but it is fun to think about such a beast.

Former MacTrast scribe J. Glenn Künzler has mentioned on the Macnificent podcast he appears on, (also featuring MacTrast reviewer Ian Fuchs and yours truly), that perhaps Apple might be exploring the possibility of following Microsoft’s move of one OS for tablets and Laptops.

Perhaps the iPad Pro could run iOS when it’s in tablet mode, and when it has a keyboard and mouse connected it goes into OS X laptop mode.

Of course, this is merely a trademark filing, and Apple likely just wanted to cover all of the bases. But, what the hell, its a holiday here in the States, so we have plenty of time to consider, “what if?”