BlueStacks App Player Allows Macs to Run Android Apps

BlueStacks App Player Allows Macs to Run Android Apps

BlueStacks launched a Mac version of their Android emulator software on Wednesday, giving Mac users access to the app that BlueStacks says already has 90 million users on Windows.

Bluestacks App Player Allows Macs to Run Android Apps


While the app arrived briefly as an alpha release of Mac users back in 2012, this morning the company is launching an official release of the popular BlueStacks App Player software for Mac for the first time, allowing Mac users to play mobile games and use their favorite apps from mobile on the desktop. The company told us that it’s worked hard to optimize BlueStacks for Mac to take advantage of all the benefits of a larger Retina display and using touch gestures on Apple’s trackpads.

BlueStacks can run x86-based and ARM-based apps, offers support for Android TV apps, and offers file and content sharing from desktop to mobile via its syncing features. Users can download apps to use on BlueStacks via the Google Play Store, just as they would for any Android device.

The app also offers support for the Mac’s microphone, and offers sensor and camera integration. BlueStacks’ native graphics support should allow for running even graphically intensive games.

BlueStacks is backed by a list of big investors, including: Intel, Andreessen-Horowitz, Qualcomm, and AMD. The company also has pre-loading deals with PC makers Lenovo, Asus, and MSI.

The BlueStacks App Player for Mac can be downloaded starting today for free from the BlueStacks website.


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