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Jony Ive Officially Named Apple’s ‘Chief Design Officer’

Jony Ive Officially Named Apple’s ‘Chief Design Officer’

It’s official, Jony Ive has officially taken over the role of “Chief Design Officer” at Apple effective Wednesday. Ive was promoted from his previous post of “Senior Vice President of Design” nearly six weeks ago.

Jony Ive Officially Named Apple's 'Chief Design Officer'

MacRumors notes that Apple has updated Ive’s executive profile on its leadership website to reflect the new position.

“Jonathan Ive is Apple’s Chief Design Officer, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. Jony is responsible for all design at Apple, including the look and feel of Apple hardware, user interface, packaging, major architectural projects such as Apple Campus 2 and Apple’s retail stores, as well as new ideas and future initiatives.”

Apple sent a company-wide email out last month, announcing Ive’s promotion to Chief Design Officer, effective July 1. Ive is turning over his day-to-day management responsibilities of the company’s design teams to Richard Howarth and Alan Dye, who have both been promoted to vice president positions. Apple also published new executive profile pages for vice presidents Howarth and Dye.

Ive discussed the move last month with The Telegraph journalist Stephen Fry, saying that while he is still in charge of Apple’s design departments, he’ll no longer need to focus on the administrative and management grunt work.

Ive has been a full-time employee at Apple since 1992, and recent years have seen multiple rumors that he would be scaling back his duties at the company. Ive has expressed his desire to spend more time in England, where he grew up, and his new position could allow him to travel there more often. Ive and his family currently reside in San Francisco.