T-Mobile’s New Family Plan Offers 4 Lines With 10GB LTE Data Each for $120/mo.

T-Mobile’s New Family Plan Offers 4 Lines With 10GB LTE Data Each for $120/mo.

T-Mobile on Tuesday announced a new addition to its popular Un-carrier lineup of offers. The carrier’s new family plan offers each member of family with 10GB of 4G LTE data, no sharing of data required, in addition to the usual unlimited talk and text.

T-Mobile's New Family Plan Offers 4 Lines With 10GB Data Each for $120/mo.

The base plan starts at $100 for two members with 10GB of 4G LTE dataeach, and additional members can be added for $20 per month, per member. Every line includes unlimited data, talk, text, and data as well as all the usual Un-carrier benefits such as no annual service contracts, plus no overages, data and texting when traveling internationally in over 120 countries at no extra charge. Music Freedom, Wi-Fi calling and texting, Data Stash, and calling and coverage to and from the U.S., plus Mexico & Canada is included in the plan at no extra cost.

Users who sign up for the plan before Labor Day (September 7), can get the fourth member’s line free. That makes a four person family plan $120 per month, or $30 per person.

Bombastic T-Mobile President and CEO John Legere took the opportunity to poke at his competitors, especially Verizon:

“It’s no surprise Verizon’s spent what looks to be over $100 million in just two months promoting an $80 data plan with 10GB everyone has to share. The catch is, it’s not actually an $80 plan. You can’t actually use any of that data until you pay additional ‘line access’ fees for data you’ve already bought,” said Legere. “So, when they say $80, they actually charge a family of four at least $140. And that’s to share 10GB. Leave it to Verizon to push a plan that gives you a pile of data you can’t use unless you fork over more in hidden fees.”

T-Mobile says that every family currently under the Simple Choice model can switch to the Un-carrier’s new family plan beginning tomorrow, July 15.