51% of Apple Watch Users Find Apple Pay is “Magical” With the Watch

51% of Apple Watch Users Find Apple Pay is “Magical” With the Watch

The latest data from research firm Wristly indicates that Apple Pay on the Apple Watch has proven to be quite popular with Apple Watch users, with over 80% of 1,000 survey respondents in the U.S. and U.K. indicating they have used the contactless payments system on the Watch at least once.

51% of Apple Watch Users Find Apple Pay is "Magical" With the Watch


Apple Pay on iPhone is a convenient and secure way to make payments without taking a debit or credit card out of your wallet, but you still need to take the smartphone out of your pocket to make a purchase. For that reason, Apple Pay has proven more transformative on Apple Watch, since the device is worn on the wrist and readily available for contactless payments.

The remaining 20% of survey participants said they either don’t receive a benefit from using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, have security concerns, or believe other forms of payments already meet their needs.

A solid 51% of respondents described using Apple Pay on the Watch as “magical,” while 42% said the service is “convenient.” 3% said Apple Pay is “good,” but they had some concerns about the service, while the remaining 4% found the service “not that useful.”

An overwhelming 79% of Apple Watch users preferred to use Apple Pay with their wearable, while 9% preferred the iPhone method. Everyday shopping (81%) was the most common use for Apple Pay, with Starbucks (60%), larger purchases (35%), in-app purchases (29%), and “other” (11%) filling out the top five.

Wristly’s Apple Watch Insider’s Report [PDF] offers other statistics and usage cases for Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, and makes for interesting reading. Any Apple Watch users interested in joining Wristly’s Apple Watch panel can find more information on the Wristly website.