Apple Recalls Small Number of Apple TVs

Apple Recalls Small Number of Apple TVs

Apple on Tuesday began contacting a small number of customers who have recently purchased a third-generation Apple TV. The company informed them that their device had shipped with an unspecified faulty part, and they would be receiving an brand-new unit in exchange for the faulty device.

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Unlike some other repair or recall programs, Apple has not posted a public advisory about the issue, suggesting it is a small batch of affected units. As a result, the company is proactively reaching out to owners of the devices known to be defective and offering an exchange. Our defective Apple TV was purchased just a few weeks ago, and other affected customers are likely to have purchased their devices in a similar timeframe.

Apple appears to be taking proactive measures to deal with the issue, identifying the part before issues arise, and contacting the customers who purchased the device containing the faulty component, before the customers experience any problems.

If you have an Apple TV that contains the faulty component, Apple will contact you, so no need to worry about it unless you hear from them. It appears to be a small number of customers who recently purchased an Apple TV that are affected, which is likely why no public notices have been published by Apple, and instead the company is contacting customers directly.