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More Apple TV News: A8 Chips, 8GB – 16 GB Internal Storage, More…

More Apple TV News: A8 Chips, 8GB – 16 GB Internal Storage, More…

9to5Mac reports that the fourth-generation Apple TV – set to debut at Apple’s September 9th event – will feature a faster processor, new remote control, and a somewhat larger body. However, it will lack 4K video streaming, and will sport the same basic ports as the current Apple TV.



The current Apple TV design, first released in late 2010, has 8GB of internal storage for caching media, and the fourth-generation boxes in testing surprisingly range from 8GB to 16GB of storage. We are told that Apple has considered two pricing strategies: the simultaneous release of a $149 base model with 8GB of storage alongside a $199 16GB model, or the release of the 16GB Apple TV alone at $149. In either case, Apple will offer a $149 Apple TV.

The new Apple TV runs an iOS 9 core, lending several new features, such as reducing the file size of App Store app, and the ability to load games as you play, and streaming of video for the apps from the Internet instead of including it in the binaries.

9to5Mac’s sources indicate the new set top box will be powered by an A8 chip, the same one found in the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets. Due to the Apple TV relying on AC power rather than a battery, the processor may be tweaked to provide performance boosts over the battery-reliant processor in the iPhone handset.

The report repeats an earlier report form today that says the box’s new remote will be color matched to the Apple TV casing, and will be made of metal. It will sport a touchpad, and below that a Siri and a Home button.

The report also says the new box includes the same ports as the current Apple TV box: with a plug-in for power, a HDMI connector, and a USB port for troubleshooting and connecting to iTunes on a Mac. The box itself will be a bit taller and wider than the current box, but will otherwise resemble it. The report also indicates no 4K streaming for the Apple TV this generation.

All the rumors will come to an end on September 9th, hopefully, as the next-generation Apple TV is expected to debut at Apple’s big show on the 9th, alongside the new iPhones.