Review: iKlip Case – Teach Your iPhone to Stand

Review: iKlip Case – Teach Your iPhone to Stand

When it comes to my iPhone, I’m not a big fan of most cases. As the iPhone has grown in size, most notably with the 6 and 6 Plus (and 6S/6S Plus), the added bulk of most cases makes the iPhone go from pocket-stretching to seam-ripping. If a case adds more than a millimeter or two, I find it hard to commit to, unless it has a good reason to do so. IK Multimedia’s new iKlip Case may be bulkier than I’d like, but it’s not bigger without reason.



The iKlip Case for iPhone 6 (Preorder for $39.99 from IK Multimedia) is a protective and functional case that even the pickiest of case users can appreciate. Made of soft TPU, the case easily slips onto your iPhone 6 (6 Plus model also available), and wraps around the edges of the phone on the 2 sides and the top. This offers protection for all the corners, but leaves the bottom edge open for comfortable access to TouchID, the headphone jack, and the lightning port.

The functional aspect of the iKlip Case is what makes it unique. Designed to offer a way to use IK Multimedia’s various products with your iPhone, without sacrificing a good viewing angle, a pair of plastic flaps are nested into the back, which can be flipped out to act as a stands. Unlike other stand cases, the iKlip Case can provide 4 different viewing angles.

iKlip Case Angles FrontiKlip Case Angle Back

In portrait mode, the stand can be positioned in 2 angles – 45º and 60º – using the lower of the 2 stand wings. In landscape, the case can be set to either 60º or 80º, depending on which leg is kicked out. With the various musical gear IK Multimedia offers in mind, the case can also function upside-down in portrait, meaning the Lighting port is accessible from the top, allowing you to connect your iRig Mic Studio or iRig Pro for recording on the go.

iKlip Case Action Shot

One drawback of the in-built legs is the additional thickness it adds to the iPhone. Stacking in at just over ½” thick, it nearly doubles the thickness of an iPhone 6. In my testing, I found the case added just enough bulk that it felt cumbersome in hand, and was noticibly bulkier in pocket.

Verdict: [rating: 4]

For me, I love the size and shape of the iPhone 6 as it is, so having a nearly 100% thicker device is hard to overlook. At the same time, not needing an extra accessory or some collection of pens and notebooks to make a stand is a great perk of the case. If you’re not opposed to having a little extra size to your device, the iKlip Case is a great blend of protection and functionality. Whether you’re using the iKlip Case while creating the next Top 40 hit, facetiming your BFF, or watching another episode of House of Cards, the wide range of viewing angles can find a home with nearly any iPhone user.


  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Quality build materials
  • Easy access to headphone and Lightning port


  • Significant added bulk
  • Stand legs can be hard to latch into place

If you’re a fan of iPhone cases that offer solid protection and solid function, the iKlip Case is a great option at a very reasonable price! Head over to IK Multimeda to get all the details yours, and to check out all their great products!

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