What’s Happening in the Lines on iPhone 6s on Launch Day?

What’s Happening in the Lines on iPhone 6s on Launch Day?

It’s launch day for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and lines are forming around the world. Well, not a line around the world… There would be issue with people drowning if that happened…

Who is in Line for the iPhone 6s on Launch Day?

Our first pic is of Jacob Holstein, who was in front of his local AT&T retail store: “AT&T said nobody else would show up until 10pm tonight…. So I’m a bit early”

Look who was first in line in Australia! It’s our favorite teardown crew, iFixit! (We’ll be sharing their teardowns of the new iPhones shortly…)

@mattjbatchelor is in line Westfield, London. Oh, to be on the other side of that glass!

@theogsc is taking it easy on launch day, his queue is online! Is that cheating? Kidding! Smart move Theo!


@thelaurendavis is first in line at her local AT&T store. The early bird gets the rose gold iPhone 6s!

Woah! The mall @RB1095 is waiting in reminds us of the mall in “Night of the Comet!”


Mr. Ian Fuchs – occasional  MacTrast scribe, podcast pundit, and all around, “Geez, I really ask for it when I take a selfie, don’t I?” guy – is waiting in line at his local Apple Store. We’re sure he’ll share photos of his new precious as soon as he gets it…

If you’re in line, or have photos of a line in front of an Apple Store, or a carrier, or a Best Buy, (But not in fornt of a Starbucks, those folks are jonesing for a whole ‘nuther kind of fix!) send us photos. If you’ve already got your hot little hands on a 6s or 6s Plus, send us pics of that!

Send ’em to us on twitter via @MacTrast, or email them to us at “hello [at] mactrast.com” Keep ’em coming folks! And remember to have fun out there!