Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 9.2 to Developers

Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 9.2 to Developers

Apple on Tuesday released the first beta of iOS 9.2 to developers. Also released was a beta of Xcode 7.2.

Apple Releases First Beta of iOS 9.2 to Developers

The iOS 9.2 beta – build 13C5055d – is available for download by registered developers form the Apple Developer Center. As usual, Apple warns developers that any devices that have the iOS 9.2 beta software installed cannot be restored to an earlier version of iOS.

Notes and Known Issues from the Release Notes

Apple Watch Known Issues

  • If you unpair and re-pair your Apple Watch, the stocks glance may be missing.
  • Apple Watch may be unable to sync music.

iCloud Keychain Known Issue

  • Sometimes, while setting up iCloud Keychain, you receive a Could Not Set Up iCloud Keychain error. Workaround: Reboot the device.

Safari Notes

  • SFSafariViewController now supports 3rd party Action Extensions. Any Action Extension thatworks in Safari will also work in SFSafariViewController.
  • Long tapping the Reload button in Safari View Controller now gives options to Reload Without Content Blockers and Request Desktop Site, like in Safari.
  • iOS 9.2 Beta 1 resolves an issue where WebApps saved to the home screen would not respect the apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style meta tag.

Video Known Issue

  • Videos with ‘folw’ track associations will fail to play on 32-bit devices.

The first beta of iOS 9.2 comes just under a week after Apple released iOS 9.1 to the public. That update added over 150 new emoji characters, and include improvements for the new Live Photos capabilities on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.