Apple’s New “Hey Siri” Ad Features Comedic Actor Bill Hader

Apple’s New “Hey Siri” Ad Features Comedic Actor Bill Hader

Apple continues the steady flow of new short ads promoting various features of their devices. Tuesday saw the release of an ad promoting the “Hey Siri” feature of the iPhone 6s, starring comedic actor Bill Hader.

Apple's New "Hey Siri" Ad Features Comedic Actor Bill Hader

As he eats a huge sandwich, Hader says “Hey Siri,” and asks her to read his unread emails to him. She begins reading his first unread message to him, which has the subject of: “Life changing opportunity, if you please.” It just happens to be from a “Prince Oseph,” who is offering a “once in a lifetime opportunity for the making of many of millions of currency.”

Siri asks, “Would you like to reply?” Hader replies enthusiastically, “Uhhh… YEAH!” and then dictates: “Sign me up!”

The ad is the fifth iPhone 6s ad that Apple has released this week. Each ad has focused on a different feature of the device, such as 3D Touch. Live Photos, and more. In addition to Hader, the ads have starred well-known figures such as Jamie Foxx, and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. In the Curry ad, entitled “Half Court,” a half-court shot by by Curry is recorded, and then played back.