Halloween How To: Dress Like the ‘1984’ Macintosh Runner

Halloween How To: Dress Like the ‘1984’ Macintosh Runner

If you’re running short of ideas for what to dress up as for Halloween, and if you live in a warm climate, you might want to consider dressing up like the runner in the iconic “1984” Macintosh commercial.

Carbon Costume:

In the Apple Macintosh commercial, directed by Ridley Scott and aired during the 1984 Super Bowl, rows of people mindlessly march in step to Big Brother giving a speech on the telescreen. This monotony is broken up when a nameless runner (Anya Major) dressed in colorful gym clothes hurls a hammer through the screen, awakening the brainwashed masses from their routine.

Carbon Costume has supplied a handy list, handy purchase links included, for those who wish to go retro with the “1984” runner look. Come on, why not? You don’t want to go as the Slutty Nurse again this year… Do ya’ Chuck?


Costume Items

  1. Apple Logo White Tank Top $18
  2. Running Shorts in Safety Orange $11
  3. Wrist Bands in White $6
  4. Slouch Socks in White $9
  5. Supra Skytop Sneakers in Orange $95
  6. Sledge Hammer Prop $10