Review: Maclocks iPad Grip & Dock – A Multifunctional Kiosk for iPad

Review: Maclocks iPad Grip & Dock – A Multifunctional Kiosk for iPad

I’ve always been fascinated by businesses using iPads for various tasks. Whether it’s taking payments with Square, allowing loyalty card sign ups, a demo station for products, or as a way for sales associates to assist in their day-to-day interactions, the iPad is a great tool for many businesses. One big drawback, though, is the small size of the iPad means it can be “misplaced” or “walk off” when you’re least suspecting.


Many solutions have come about that place the iPad on a tether or lock it onto a desktop or stand, but few offer the easy of portability it’s meant to have and the peace-of-mind of a fixed station. Maclocks – creators of many great tablet and computer securing devices – have recently introduced the iPad Hand Grip and Dock Stand, enabling you to secure your iPad to a desk or counter when not in use, but the flexibility to pick it up when the moment arises.


The Maclocks iPad Hand Grip and Dock Stand ($149.95 from is a simple solution to a variety of problems. Comprised of a locking stand and a comfortable grip, the stand servers as an ergonomically friendly way to hold your iPad when in use for long periods, and a secure place to dock it when not.


Focusing on the two pieces separately, the grip is a domed bubble that sticks to the back of your iPad, iPad case, or other flat-backed tablet. Using a high quality 3M adhesive, the grip secures to the iPad with incredible strength. This ensures that throughout days, weeks, or months of use, the grip won’t come sliding off the back. Wrapped around the bubble is an adjustable velcro hand strap that allows you to slip your hand in and safely hold the iPad with relative ease. Under the dome is a rotating base that allows for quick adjustment of the iPad from portrait to landscape and even around in a full circle. A small channel in the grip enables you to dock the iPad onto the stand.

The stand is a solid piece of metal, with a simple locking mechanism near the top. Placing the grip onto the stand and pushing the lock button ensure that the iPad is secured to the stand until the included key is used to detach it from the base. Along the bottom of the stand, you can either use the included bolts and fasten it permanently in place on your desk or counter, or the included 3M adhesive pad to mount it to the desk.


Much like the grip, the base of the stand includes an swivel plate, which allows for the entire stand to be rotated 360º, making it perfect for a point of sale register (for those pesky signatures), or as a demonstation display where side-to-side viewing angles may vary. The keyed lock on the back ensures that the iPad won’t “escape” when unattended.


Businesses will certainly find great utility in the Maclocks iPad Hand Grip and Dock if they’re using iPads as sales terminals, or have a sales team working the floor with an iPad in hand. Knowing that when an iPad is docked and locked (sounds pretty catchy, yeah?), it won’t end up disappearing into someones purse, and that while out on the sales floor, there is less risk of it being dropped thanks to the handy grip.

For typical at-home use, the Maclocks Kiosk might be a little overkill, as the adhesive of it is a relatively permanent commitment (it’s industrial grade stuff) both for the back iPad and for the sticking the stand to your desk. My recommendation for at-home use is to pick up a cheap iPad case from Amazon (like this one for $5.99) and attach the grip to that.

Rating: 4.0/5.0[rating:4.0]


  • Secures iPad to stand when not in use
  • Grip is extremely comfortable to hold for long periods of use
  • Easy to assemble, easy to use
  • Adhesive is not easily removed, meaning your iPad is secure.


  • Adhesive is (VERY) unforgiving if removed

If you’re on the search for a way to secure your iPad, make it more comfortable in your hand all day, or use an iPad as a point-of-sale terminal, the Maclocks iPad Grip and Dock Stand/Kiosk is certainly a great option at $149.95.