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Crowdsource Pay Finders App Make it Easy to Find Where to Pay With Apple Pay

Crowdsource Pay Finders App Make it Easy to Find Where to Pay With Apple Pay

Sure, we love Apple Pay, but it’s not easy to know which merchants in your area accept Apple’s mobile payments system. A new app, the crowdsourced Pay Finders, helps users easily find which local merchants accept the still growing payment option.


Pay Finders provides a local map showing which merchants and other locations accept Apple Pay. The iPhone app is generated from crowdsourced information that its users enter into the app.

Payments industry veteran Brian Roemmele, a well-known entrepreneur, consultant and researcher in the world of digital payments, created PayFinders, and while the app isn’t the first of its kind, he hopes it will be the most accurate.  PayFinders uses crowdsourced data from users to update the app’s map.

Features include:

  • Discover and explore local merchants that accept Apple Pay™
  • Beautiful Apple Maps discovery system helps you find new places
  • Get turn-by-turn Apple Map directions to Apple Pay™ merchants
  • Rate your Apple Pay™ experiences and report if Apple Pay™ was working
  • Share Apple Pay™ merchants you discover with your friends
  • Build your personal Apple Pay™ merchant favorite lists
  • Help find and add new Apple Pay™ locations to Pay Finders™
  • New Apple Pay™ locations updated by the minute

The app currently only covers the United States and Canada.

While the Apple Maps app does indicate merchants that accept Apple Pay, users have to access the information screen for a location to see if it includes the service’s logo. The advantage of Pay Finders is that it allows users to tell at a glance which locations in their area accept the popular payments system.

The developers says they’ll be adding new features to the app soon, including automatic notifications when you’re near a listed merchant, Apple Watch integration, and a version for the United Kingdom and Europe.

Pay Finders is free for the iPhone in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]

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