Review: The Monk Magnet Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6S Plus

Review: The Monk Magnet Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6S Plus

Let’s face it, many of us just have too damn much stuff in our pockets. What if we could protect our iPhone with a beautiful leather case that also doubled as a handy wallet to carry our ID, cash and a decent amount of credit cards? Enter the Monk Magnet Wallet Case for the iPhone 6/6s Plus.



The Monk Magnet Wallet Case allows users to protect their iPhone 6/6s Plus, with a beautifully crafted leather case, that also has compartments for your ID, and a few credit cards. It also has a handy full-size slot for cash, and also has an ace up it’s sleeve that most case makers don’t think of.

I’ve used similar leather iPhone cases from various manufacturers over the years, and one thing I hate is when I get a call, I have to open the flap, and either have it hanging in the breeze, or fold it over, making the phone that much bulky. This is a particular irritant when it comes to a large handset like the iPhone 6s Plus.


The Monk offers an ingenious feature that allows you to quickly detach your iPhone from the case, for phone calls, or gaming, and then quickly pop it back in when you’re finished. The Monk does this via magnets. The iPhone snaps in to a patented QuickMag holder, which is kept in the case by a magnet. When you need to use your iPhone, you can give it a quick tug, and it comes right out. Otherwise, the iPhone is held securely in the Monk leather case.

I’ve been using the Monk for a week now, and let me tell you, I love the quick-release feature. I find it handy for making a call when I don’t have a Bluetooth device available, or when I want to play a game, and not have the case hanging there, getting in the way. Another point in its favor is the ability to get the case out of the equation when I’m mounting it in my car’s dash mount to use the iPhone for navigation.


I’ve found the Monk to be a beautiful, and protective case that I get nice compliments on. While the Monk may not be up to the craftsman standards of much pricier cases, for a case that’s price right at $25, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better or more beautiful case. Plus, the convenience of having my iPhone, ID, cash, and other cards in one place, allowing me to eliminate my wallet from my crowded pockets is another point in its favor.

At first, I was hesitant to put my iPhone, ID and cash and cards in one “basket.” What if my iPhone was lost or stolen. Then everything else would be lost along with it! But, as the Monk website notes, if that happened, I could them use Find my iPhone to place where the device was lost or stolen, and I’d hopefully find everything else still in the case.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that beautifully protects your iPhone, allows you to conveniently make use of your device without the case hanging on awkwardly, and even allow you to possibly eliminate your bulky wallet from your daily wardrobe, I would highly suggest taking a look at the Monk Magnet Wallet Case for the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

The case is a beautiful protective solution, while allowing ease of use for your iPhone. The case is well made, and looks as if it will stand up to the rigors of usage. it will likely even look better as the leather wears.

Rating: 4.0/5.0[rating:4.0]

Price: $24.95 – Available in black and brown from the Sewell Direct website, and also from (with free Prime shipping). The Monk is also available for the iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 5s, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.


  • It’s damn beautiful
  • Eliminates the need for a wallet for most users
  • Pops easily in and out of the leather case for phone calls and gaming
  • Allows edge-to-edge usage of the iPhone’s big screen


  • If you do drop our iPhone, the case could flap open, leaving your screen exposed to danger


Disclaimer: I received the Monk Magnet Wallet Case at no cost for review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.