Review: Titan iPhone Cable and Titan Loop for iPhone (UPDATED)

Review: Titan iPhone Cable and Titan Loop for iPhone (UPDATED)

One of the few complaints most iPhone or iPad users have is the fragility of the Lightning sync/charging cable that comes with their device. It seems in no time, the cable cracks, or becomes frayed. Or if it doesn’t do it on its own, your friendly neighborhood cat or dog chews through it, and you’re off to the store to buy another cable! Enter the Titan iPhone Cable, and the Titan Loop for iPhone from FuseChicken.

Review: Titan iPhone Cable and Titan Loop for iPhone


The Titan iPhone Cable, and the Titan Loop for iPhone from FuseChicken are both industrial grade cables, wrapped in two layers of flexible steel. The Lightning and USB connectors on the TITANs are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling. This is tough stuff. The whole shebang is covered by a limited lifetime guarantee.

The Titan iPhone Cable is 39-inches long, while the Titan Loop, which is intended to be used as a keychain, if you wish, is 9 inches long. Both cables are attractive, and in my testing, proved to be as tough as I’d ever need to be.

Titan iPhone Cable

The Titan iPhone Cable is firm, yet easily flexible cable, that looks like it could easily take a bullet and keep charging. The 39 inch length should be sufficient for most uses, and I can easily see it becoming my goto cable in the car, or on my couch. Those are both locations where my Lightning cables get lots of use.

While I didn’t have an extended period of time to try out the Titan, I made sure to use it whenever I could, and put in some extra flexing and bending on the cable to try to put a few months use on it within a few weeks.

The Titan stood up to everything I could throw at it, and then some. My cat, Dino, who has been know to find normal cables an especially tasty after dinner treat, inspected the Titan, and after a few scans and a sniff or two, walked away, knowing he couldn’t do his normal amount of damage to this newcomer.

The Titan definitely gives me the impression that it will hold up to my heavy future use, and I’ll be sure to update this review if it proves to be less than durable. But, so far, so good, and I expect it to stand up to my punishment.

The only minor drawbacks i can see are the cable is a bit bulkier than normal cables, which could be an issue for some users, and the $35 price of admission definitely falls on the high-end of the Lightning cable price scale.

Review: Titan iPhone Cable and Titan Loop for iPhone

Titan Loop

The Titan Loop definitely falls on the short end of the Lightning cable spectrum, but it is perfect for its intended usage. The Titan Loop is intended to be a portable, quick remedy for when you need a charge on the go, and don’t want to deal with carrying around a longer cable. As long as you have a handy USB port, the Titan Loop is perfect.

Measuring in at just 9 inches, the Loop is designed to hook onto a belt loop, keyring, or backpack or purse strap, making itself handy for when you need to charge or sync your iPhone on the go. Made of the same tough materials as its longer brother, the Titan, the Loop looks as if it can stand up to almost anything you might throw at it while traveling.

The Titan Loop includes a hand slot near the USB end of the cable that allows users to slip the Lightning end of the cable into it to securely fasten the cable to whatever you’ve looped it around.

The Titan Loop again falls on the high-end of the cable price spectrum, but $30 for a durable, always handy cable that will stand up to the punishment you can throw at it seems worth it to me.


The Titan iPhone Cable and the Titan Loop for iPhone are both durable and well made cables, whose steel construction should stand up to whatever punishment the world throws at them. (If you don’t believe me, check out the videos I’ve included above.)

I would highly recommend either Titan cable to users (or their pets) who usually put their cables through hell, and find themselves with another frayed cable.

The Titan and the Titan Loop are both also available for Android devices, at a slightly lower price. (See below for details).

Rating: 4.5/5.0[rating:4.5]

Prices: The Titan iPhone Cable is $35.00, and is available at the FuseChicken website, or Amazon. It’s Android counterpart, the Titan M is $25.00, and is available at the FuseChicken website, or Amazon.

The Titan Loop is $30.00, and is available at the FuseChicken website, or Amazon. The Android compatible Titan Loop M is $20.00, and is available at the FuseChicken website, or Amazon.

UPDATE! – The Titan Cable & The Titan Loop are available as a bundle on our MacTrast Deals site! – Just $44.95 for both cables! – Get more information here!


  • Tough, tough, tough
  • Steel construction will stand up to heavy punishment
  • Did I mention it’s tough?


  • Definitely bulkier than most cables
  • The price, especially for the Lightning versions, is a little dear.


Disclaimer: I received both Titan cables at no cost for review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.