“Steve Jobs” Film is Officially a Flop – Pulled from 2,072 Theaters

“Steve Jobs” Film is Officially a Flop – Pulled from 2,072 Theaters

The Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs film is officially a flop. The film, directed by Danny Boyle, saw its box office drop more than 69% from the previous weekend, for a mere $823,000 weekend gross.


The reception nationwide has been so bad, that the movie has been removed from 2,072 theaters across the country in one single weekend. The film premiered in 2,411 just over three weeks ago. The film had performed well during its two week limited run in Los Angeles and New York, leading to a prediction of good box office numbers once it went nationwide. However, the film hasn’t done well in “flyover” country, bringing in just $16,684,073 over its three weeks of wide release.

The film had been expected to do well, due to the subject matter of the film, and the generally positive reviews it had received from critics. Some reviews were hinting at Oscar nominations for lead actor Michael Fassbender, and supporting actress Kate Winslet. The movie has an 85% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The film was badmouthed by many of Jobs’ closest friends and co-workers, including his widow, Laureen Powell Jobs, and current Apple CEO Tim Cook. Powell Jobs was reportedly offered a chance to be included in the film’s production, and to be on set, but her disdain for the Walter Isaacson biography – which the biopic is based on – led her to refuse the offer. Powell Jobs also has reportedly not yet seen the film, declining an offer for an advanced showing, under a non-disclosure agreement.

Not all of Jobs’ former colleagues were against the film. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who was a paid consultant on the film, said he believes the filmmakers “did a great job.”

(Via Cult of Mac)