Ginza Apple Store Cancels Event Due to Bomb Threat

Ginza Apple Store Cancels Event Due to Bomb Threat

The Japan Times reported today the Ginza Apple Store in Tokyo canceled an event on Sunday after receiving an anonymous letter, threatening a bombing unless the event was called off.

Ginza Apple Store Cancels Event Due to Bomb Threat


The event was due to start at 2 in the afternoon and feature guests such as director Isao Yukisada, the Japan Times said on Monday. The store received the letter around 11 a.m. however, after which Apple not only cancelled the event but shuttered the store for an hour and called police.

While a search of the store didn’t find any explosives, local police are continuing their investigation into the threat, under the assumption that it was a deliberate attempt to disrupt the store’s business.

The Ginza location held another event today as scheduled. The event was part of Apple’s Hour of Code series. The speaker was LoiLo CEO Koji Sugiyama, who spoke about LoiLo’s educational apps for children.

While threats such as the one on Sunday are a rare occurrence for Apple in its retail stores, the company does quickly react to such threats, immediately closing stores at the first hint of danger to its shoppers and employees.

The Ginza store previously made the news back in September 2013, when it opened its doors early to allow customers who were standing in line to come inside before an impending typhoon hit the area.