More Details Surface About Apple’s New Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s

More Details Surface About Apple’s New Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s

Some new details about Apple’s new Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s have surfaced, thanks to a review of the case by Joanna Stern, writing for the Wall Street Journal. The $99 battery extending┬ácase was released on Tuesday, and fits both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

More Details Surface About Apple's New Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s
Photo courtesy WSJ

As reported earlier today, the case is an “intelligent” one, offering the ability for iOS 9 users to see the remaining charge in the case via their device’s lock screen, and in Notification Center. Other battery cases require an external indicator such as a series of lights that glow to indicate the charge remaining.

Users also don’t need to remember to turn on the battery to take advantage of its charge, as it also does that intelligently. Stern says the Smart Battery Case will make use of the case’s power first, saving the iPhone’s battery for last.

Stern also noted the Smart Battery Case features an 1,877mAh battery that can recharge a totally-dead iPhone 6s to about 80% battery level. Its integrated Lighting port allowed her to completely recharge both the iPhone and the case in just over two hours.

The case has an integrated passive antenna to make sure cellular reception doesn’t suffer because of the case. Stern does recommend making sure your earphones fit before purchasing the case. Her Apple earbud worked fine with the case on, but her Beats Solo HD headphones didn’t. Apple does not include a headphone jack extender like some battery pack makers do.

The much-noticed “hump” in the middle where the battery is was by design, to still allow the iPhone to slim at both ends, to make sure it was compatible with docks, such as Apple’s own Lightning Dock.