Pad & Quill Announces 2 New Tech Bags and 2 New iPad Pro Cases

Pad & Quill Announces 2 New Tech Bags and 2 New iPad Pro Cases

There must be Red Bull pumping out of the water coolers at Pad & Quill, because they are running in high gear lately. Our favorite iPhone, iPad, and Mac case maker has just announced the availability of two new cases for the iPad Pro, as well as two new leather tech bags! Plus, if you use the code: PQ99, you’ll get 10% knocked off of any order!

But wait, there’s more! Tonight through Monday December 7th night, all iPhone cases will be marked down 10%! Why do your holiday shopping anywhere else?


The Contega Thin Case for iPad Pro. Handmade in St. Paul with tough archival quality book material wrapped traditionally. Self propping and very thin. Compatible with the Smart Keyboard as well. Slim, simple, and beautiful! – $89.95 


The Valet Slim Leather Sleeve for iPad Pro is a beautiful single cut piece of full grain leather that is sewn together to hold both the iPad Pro and a Apple Pencil for 25 years. You can even prop it back to use as a subtle stand with dedicated latch on the back. This beauty makes me want to go rob a bank, so I can buy an iPad Pro, just so I have a need for this sleeve! – $89.95


The Roll Top Leather Backpack. If my typing all of a sudden goes weird, please excuse me, but it’s tough to type with all of this drool all over the keyboard. This sharp looking backpack boasts a 25 year warranty, a dedicated laptop pocket, and even a quick access side pocket. Parachute grade stitching, (of course), and every bag is signed by the Artisan who made it.  – $319.00


The Leather Tote Bag  I usually love it when my wife reads my posts, but I’m hoping she doesn’t see this one. Otherwise, she’ll be asking Santa for this tote. This beautiful leather tote bag is perfect for carrying all your tech and afternoon strolling essentials. It’s constructed from beautiful tumbled American full grain leather, and yes, it is also covered by Pad & Quill’s exclusive 25-year warranty. – $209.00