Review iRig Mic Lav – The Chainable Mobile Lavalier Mic

Review iRig Mic Lav – The Chainable Mobile Lavalier Mic

If you’re a budding video journalist, video podcaster, or just like to have decent sound for your selfie videos, you’ll want to take a look at the iRig Mic Lav – the chainable mobile lavaliere microphone from IK Multimedia.

Review iRig Mic Lav - The Chainable Mobile Lavalier Mic


The iRig Mic Lav is compact, affordable lavaliere microphone that clips to your shirt, tie, or collar, and allows you to record very good quality audio for audio or video recordings.

One especially nice feature of the iRig Mic Lav is its “chainability.” The Mic Lav allows chaining for simultaneous recording from two Mic Lavs, perfect for interviews, or allowing two reporters or podcasters to record audio at the same time.

The second audio port is switchable, meaning it can be set to allow monitoring of your audio via a set of headphones. This type of flexibility is a welcome feature for any video or audio professional or budding amateur.

Review iRig Mic Lav - The Chainable Mobile Lavalier Mic


  • Professional mobile lavalier microphone for all devices
  • High-quality omnidirectional condenser capsule
  • Includes foam pop shield and durable mounting clip
  • 1/8″ TRRS jack connects to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android
  • Combo 1/8″ TRRS port can be used for headphone monitoring/line out to powered speaker
  • Combo 1/8″ TRRS port can be used for chaining up to two iRig Mic Lavs to the same device
  • Compatible with any audio app that accepts audio from headset input
  • Comes with a suite of powerful recording apps
  • 150cm/66” cable
  • Also available as 2 Pack – iRig Mic Lav 2 Pack

I tried out the iRig Mic Lav in a number of environments, and in each case, the mic performed well. The included foam pop shield protected against wind while recording outside, and the second audio jack was a welcome feature that allowed me to monitor my audio as I recorded. the 66-inch cable also allows flexibility while using the Mic Lav, allowing for use with a selfie stick for self-reporting.

Review iRig Mic Lav - The Chainable Mobile Lavalier Mic

The Mic Lav worked well with any of the iPhone audio and video recording apps I used it with, including Apple’s own Garageband for iOS, and it also worked well with FaceTime and Skype. Included in the box is a link to download a number of audio apps from IK Multimedia, both free, and paid apps.

The Mic Lav comes with a nice little zippered carrying case that prevents the mic cable from getting tangled up in your backpack or briefcase. The case is also small enough too fit in a pants or jacket pocket, and the semi-rigid case does a good job of protecting the mic.

Review iRig Mic Lav - The Chainable Mobile Lavalier Mic
My shirt is old, but it is s-o-o-o-o-o comfortable!


I would highly recommend the iRig Mic Lav to anyone who is looking to get good sounding results, while staying within their budget. While users shouldn’t expect the same results as a professional mic costing much more, at $49.99, or $79.99 for a “2 pack” that includes a second microphone, the iRig Mic Lav is a welcome addition to anyone’s arsenal who is looking for great results on a small budget.


Price:  $49.99, or $79.99 for a “2 pack” – Available at the IK Multimedia website. Also available at

I really liked: 

  • Compact size, easily clips to clothing and stays put.
  • Compatible with a number of iOS audio and video recording apps.
  • Great sound from a tiny mic.
  • Extra audio port allows using a second mic, or headphones to monitor audio.

For more information about the iRig Mic Lav, visit the IK Multimedia website.


Disclaimer: I received the iRig Mic Lav at no cost for review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.