Apple Says Fix on the Way for Broken Twitter Links Issue in Safari

Apple Says Fix on the Way for Broken Twitter Links Issue in Safari

Safari users who have experienced issues getting content from Twitter’s shortened “” links with an HTTPS URL to load in their browser will be glad to hear that Apple says a fix is on the way.

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Oftentimes, when a “” link is clicked, it opens up a blank web page and hangs at a loading screen for several minutes before giving an error message.

Numerous threads on various forums, including Apple’s own Support Communities, indicate the problem started for most users around the first part of November.

Some users report reloading the URL multiple times, removing the “https” from the URL, or clearing Safari’s cached files finally gets the URL to load. Most users find its easier to use another browser. (Chrome and Firefox don’t have the same issue with the links.)

The Verge reports a January 14th tweet from Timothy Hatcher, a WebKit Developer Experience Manager at Apple, indicates the problem is lower level than WebKit, and that Apple has a fix identified.

No announcement has been made as to when the fix might be released, or if it will be part of a larger OS X update, or a standalone Safari fix.

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