CES 2016: Fitbit Announces ‘Blaze’ Fitness Watch – Offers 5-Day Battery, Color Screen

CES 2016: Fitbit Announces ‘Blaze’ Fitness Watch – Offers 5-Day Battery, Color Screen

Fitness tracker maker Fitbit announced the latest addition to their fitness-focused wearables at CES 2015 on Tuesday. The $199.95 “Fitbit Blaze” fitness watch offers a full color touchscreen display, 5-day battery life, and Apple Watch-like styling.

CES 2016: Fitbit Announces 'Blaze' Fitness Watch - Offers 5-Day battery, Color Screen

The Blaze will allow users to customize their experience via a variety of bands and frames, and a variety of watch faces. The Fitbit will be activity and exercise focused, with no third-party apps planned for the new device.

The Blaze will track a user’s daily sleep patterns, exercise, steps, and calories burnt, and will offer “FitStar” workouts to guide users through an exercise regimen via step-by-step instructions. The Blaze will connect to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices to share collected data.

The device will have the ability to automatically detect when a user is beginning to exercise or participate in other tracked activities via the Fitbit “SmartTrack” feature. While the Blaze includes a heart rate sensor and music controls, and will offer the usual notifications for calls, texts, emails and calendar events, it doesn’t offer onboard GPS tracking, but does offer connected GPS tracking when used with a mobile device.

The Blaze will be available in small, large, and extra-large sizes, and is available for pre-order at the Fitbit website for $199.95, and is available in Black, Blue, and Plum.

9to5Mac notes Fitbit’s investors clearly aren’t excited about the company’s entry into a part of the wearables market currently dominated by the Apple Watch, as the company’s stock price is currently down 11.83% (and still falling), since the announcement.