Facebook for iPhone Adds New 3D Touch Features

Facebook for iPhone Adds New 3D Touch Features

Facebook is slowly rolling out a new update to their iOS app, which brings a few new 3D Touch features for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users. You won’t see the new features listed in the update changelog, and you might not see the new features even after you update the app. Such are the ways of Facebook…

Facebook for iPhone Adds New 3D Touch Features
Screenshot: 9to5Mac


The first 3D Touch enhancement comes to the home screen icon. Now, when you 3D Touch on Facebook’s app icon, you’ll see a new “quick view” shortcut that takes you directly to your timeline. The Facebook app has had 3D Touch quick view actions shortcuts for posting updates and pictures since October, but the timeline shortcut is new (via The Verge).

Facebook for iPhone now also supports 3D Touch within the app, via peek and pop with “web links, profiles, pages, groups, events, photos, profile pictures, and cover photos.”

If you don’t see the new features yet, (we don’t have them on our 6s Plus yet), be patient. Facebook says it will slowly roll out to all users “over the coming months” and that only “a small group of people” will see the new 3D Touch features today.

So, anyway… Go ahead and update Facebook on your iPhone, and maybe you’ll see the new features, and maybe you won’t. Hell, we’re still waiting for the Live Photos feature that was supposed to be rolling out as of December…