Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ Campaign Returns to Billboards

Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ Campaign Returns to Billboards

Apple has brought back their Shot on iPhone billboard campaign for another round, this time focusing on portraits shot using the iPhone 6s. TIME reports the new ad campaign features 53 images from 41 amateur and professional photographers from around the world.

Apple's 'Shot on iPhone' Campaign Returns to Billboards
Photo shot on the iPhone 6s Plus and processed with VSCOcam (Credit: Erin Brooks)

One of the featured Shot on iPhone 6s photographers, Erin Brooks, found herself as one of the featured photogs after posting a portrait of her three-year-old daughter that she shot on Instagram. “I honestly couldn’t believe that they contacted me,” she told TIME.

“Photography for me, has been a huge creative outlet. It has taught me so many things about telling a story with an image, capturing someone’s personality, and it helped me move out of my postpartum depression… Taking photos of my daughters, and their blossoming connection of sisterhood, helped me get well. I started to notice the pure beauty of my life, and connect with it, and with them, on an even deeper level.”

Last year’s “Shot on iPhone 6” photography campaign, featured a selection of images highlighting a number of photographic subjects, ranging from landscapes to extreme close-ups. This year’s focus is on portraits. The new photos, all shot on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be featured on billboards across 85 cities in 26 countries starting this week.

The photos will also likely be featured on Apple’s website sometime in the neat future. If Apple follows last year’s lead, they will also likely feature video, as well as stills on the website.