Client Folder Maker 4.5 Offers New “Copy To …” Feature, More…

Client Folder Maker 4.5 Offers New “Copy To …” Feature, More…

Users who create the same type of folder hierarchies over and over will want to take a look at Geeksuit’s Client Folder Maker 4.5. The recently updated app offers easy folder creation and management, perfect for use by web developers, graphic designers, app developers, desktop publishers, or prepress operators.

Client Folder Maker 4.5 Released - Includes New "Copy To ..." Feature, More

Client Folder Maker allows users to set up a hierarchy of folders once, then instantly re-create that hierarchy in any specified folder with just a few clicks of the mouse. Version 4.5 of the app introduces drag-and-drop folder hierarchies, a new “Copy To …” feature, new Finder Extension, Presets Lock and much more.

Users simply setup their folder layouts in the app, and then simply enter a client or project name, along with a job or version number, and then click the “Create Folder” button. A new folder hierarchy is created, based on the information entered, and the type of hierarchy that was selected. Users can also designate content to be imported into the new folders from existing source files.

Features include:

  • User-defined keyboard shortcut
  • Colored labels
  • Custom folder views
  • Auto-incrementing variables
  • Import/export settings via drag/drop
  • Preset descriptions
  • Custom permissions
  • File content copying
  • Stays out of the way
  • Can be invoked via Contextual Menu, Menu Item or Keyboard shortcut
  • Limitless Customization
  • Zero Footprint
Client Folder Maker 4.5 Released - Includes New "Copy To ..." Feature, More

What’s New in Client Folder Maker 4.5:

  1. Users can now drag-and-drop full folder hierarchies directly onto CFM to create new presets automatically.
  2. Users can lock presets to prevent accidental deletion, or manipulation.
  3. New “copy to …” function that allows moving document file types into a new preset.
  4. Version 4.5 now embraces targeted folders for building hierarchies.
  5. Through the use of a new Finder Extension, users can invoke a preset by using the handy Widget directly in any Finder Window, or even contextually, via Control >> Click.

As a freelance writer, I have personally used Client Folder Maker for a year or so now, and can testify to its usefulness in creating directory structures that I use over-and-over. With just a few clicks, I have a new client all set up, and ready to go.

Client Folder Maker 4.5 is available in the Mac App Store for $4.99. [GET IT HERE]