Siri Meets Cookie Monster – Hilarity Ensues

Siri Meets Cookie Monster – Hilarity Ensues

Apple on Wednesday released a new iPhone 6s ad featuring Sesame Street’s popular Cookie Monster. The ad, entitled “Timer,” highlights the “Hey Siri” hands-free control function introduced last year.

Siri Meets Cookie Monster - Hilarity Ensues

The popular blue cookie-loving character is doing what he loves second best in the whole world, baking cookies. (We’ll give you one guess what his first love is…) Once he pops his cookies into the oven, he uses his iPhone 6s and its “Hey Siri” capability to set a timer.

The impatient creature attempts to kill time by asking Siri to play his “Waiting Playlist,” lead off by the late Jim Croce’s classic ballad “Time in a Bottle.” Cookie Monster then attempts to pass the time by checking on the cookies by flicking the oven light on and off,  tasting flour (BLEAH!), reading a cookbook (likely the “Cookies” section), playing with kitchen utensils, performing a puppet show with oven mitts,  and even popping outside for a quick stalker-like peek at the kitchen.

He then asks Siri to check the timer. She displays the remaining time on the iPhone’s screen, showing that a mere 50 seconds have passed. Cookie Monster is understandably frustrated.

“Hey Siri” always-on hands-free functionality debuted alongside the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus last September. Previously, the feature was only enabled when the device was plugged into a power supply.