Uplet – The Bulk Instagram Image Loader for OS X

Uplet – The Bulk Instagram Image Loader for OS X

Eltima Software has released Uplet 1.0 for Mac OS X, their bulk uploader for Instagram. The app allows uploading multiple photos at once to an account on the popular photo sharing service. Uplet’s built-in editor allows users to set captions, crop photos, add emojis and more.

Uplet - The Bulk Instagram Image Loader for OS X

From the Uplet Mac App Store Page:

Get ready for the easiest way to upload not just one, but multiple photos to your Instagram from your Mac! With Uplet you are getting direct access to your Instagram account for an unlimited uploading of your photos in just one click. You can write captions on your convenient Mac keyboard to tell your friends the whole story and share photos in their original resolution and quality.

Uplet’s easy to use interface is extremely intuitive, taking no time for Mac users to figure out how the app works. Simply, log into an Instagram account, drag-and-drop photos onto the upload area, edit, and click to post.

Uplet’s editing features allows anyone to crop an image to fit Instagram’s standard square format, or retain the photo’s original dimensions. Easy to add captions are also available.

Features Include:

  • Upload photos in batches directly from Mac
  • Upload high resolution photos
  • Set captions with emojis and hashtags
  • Crop images or leave the original dimensions

Uplet 1.0 is available for Mac OS X in the App Store for a limited time introductory price of $9.99. ($19.99 when promotion ends.) [GET IT HERE]