The Aftermaster Pro Offers the World’s First Personal Remastering Device

The Aftermaster Pro Offers the World’s First Personal Remastering Device

If you’re like me, and make way too much use of the new Apple TV’ s “What did he just say?” feature, you might want to take a closer look at the Aftermaster Pro, which claims to be the world’s first “personal remastering device.”


“The Aftermaster Pro™. The new sleek, compact and portable device offers a genuine breakthrough in the quality of audio reproduction by remastering all audio-enabled devices in real-time. The Aftermaster Pro has created a new category in consumer electronics by offering a single portable device that dramatically improves all consumer audio.”

The Aftermaster Pro is designed to significantly enhance the audio of televisions, smartphones, headphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and virtually any other audio-enabled devices.


Aftermaster Audio labs says the Aftermaster Pro offers:

  • Substantial increases in clarity, depth and fullness in audio not available through any other technology
  • Clearer, louder and balanced dialogue and substantially less volume adjustment while watching TV
  • More fullness and low end from small speakers
  • A never-before-heard quality level in music playback

When used for television, the device claims to raise and clarify the dialogue level, eliminating the need to continually adjust your set’s volume to hear what the actors are saying while watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

The Aftermaster Pro is a compact size, and also boasts a built-in long-life battery, allowing it to be used on-the-go, making it perfect for use with your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad.


The Aftermaster Pro was originally an Indiegogo funding project, and funded at 158% of goal back in December. The device is scheduled to be available this summer, and we’ll be angling to get our paws on one to see if it does what it claims to. Until then, for more information on the Aftermaster Pro, visit the Aftermaster website.