Amazon Prime Video Now Available as Separate $8.99 Monthly Service

Amazon Prime Video Now Available as Separate $8.99 Monthly Service

Amazon is now offering its Prime Video streaming service as a standalone $8.99 per month subscription. The service does not include any of the other perks of Prime, such as free two-day delivery, or Prime Music streaming.

Amazon Prime Video Now Available as Separate $8.99 Monthly Service

Previously, Amazon’s streaming video service was only available as a part of Amazon’s $99 per year Prime bundle, which offers free two-day delivery of purchases, unlimited music streaming, and unlimited video streaming form a large selection of TV shows and movies, including a number of original series financed by Amazon.

Prime Video’s $8.99 per month price is definitely not a bargain, as it comes to $107.88 per year, compared to the full Amazon Prime subscription, which runs $99 per year. In addition ot the new Prime Video-only subscription, Amazon is also offering full Prime subscriptions, offering all the benefits of the $99 yearly subscription, for $10.99 per month, ($131.88 for 12 months).

While the new subscriptions are definitely not bargains, they may be attractive to potential users who would prefer not to pay for a year’s subscription fee upfront. The new subscriptions may also prove to be a draw for longtime Netflix customers, who previously paid $7.99 per month for that service, but are faced with a $9.99 per month nut, beginning in May.

Despite rumors that an Amazon Prime Video app was on its way for the Apple TV, nothing has been officially announced. The Amazon Prime Video app is currently available on iOS devices, which does allow playing video via AirPlay to the Apple TV. Other devices supporting Prime Video include Android and Amazon Fire devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and more.

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