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Walmart to Offer Three-Month $100 ‘Rollback’ on All iPhones

Walmart to Offer Three-Month $100 ‘Rollback’ on All iPhones

Starting today, if you’re looking for a deal on an iPhone, including the new 4-inch  iPhone SE, your local Walmart just might be the best place to look. Walmart customers can save $100 on all Apple iPhones, now through the end of June.

Walmart to Offer Three-Month $100 'Rollback' on All iPhones

CNN Money:

Walmart is working with AT&T (T, Tech30), Verizon (VZ, Tech30) & Sprint (S) on the deal, so customers will see the discounts through their bills. Unfortunately, T-Mobile (TMUS) customers won’t be able to take advantage of the promotion. The deal is also not available for online purchases.

You might have to check a few stores to find the model iPhone you want, as not all stores will carry all models, but the discount applies to Apple’s latest devices, which includes the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the iPhone SE, released just this week.

We’d be negligent not to also mention that the big-box discount retailer is also offering a $150 discount on all Samsung phones through June, just in case that’s how YOU roll. (That includes the Samsung Galaxy 6 and 7.)

Currently, the iPhone SE 16GB model retails for $399. Which means you can grab one from Walmart for $299. Or, $399 will get you four times the storage space in a 64GB model. Not a bad deal for a 4-inch iPhone boasting most of the same tech found in the flagship iPhone 6s. (Sans a larger screen and 3D Touch, of course.)

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