Hulu Could be the Next Entrant in the Live TV Service Sweepstakes

Hulu Could be the Next Entrant in the Live TV Service Sweepstakes

On-demand streaming service Hulu could be the next one to dip its toes into the inviting waters of the live television streaming pool. (River? Stream? Creek?)

Hulu Could be the Next Entrant in the Live TV Service Sweepstakes

The Wall Street Journal’s sources tell it that Hulu’s live TV service could launch as early as the first quarter of 2017. Disney and Fox are co-owners of the popular service, and they are reportedly finishing up negotiations to include their channel lineups in the new live service.

While the service is said to be in talks with other content suppliers, the service isn’t expected to grow into anything resembling the type of bundles said to be in consideration by Apple, or currently offered by Sling TV. Hulu’s other partner, NBC/Universal, has yet to agree on any licensing for their channels, says the WSJ source.

Subscribers to the new service will not be required to be an existing Hulu subscriber to access the live TV service, $40 is said to be the amount being considered for the monthly subscription package. That would make the package more expensive than rivals Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, and WSJ’s sources indicate the new service would include targeted advertising. The service could also include on-demand and DVR-type functions.

Apple has long been rumored to be putting together a live television streaming package for its Apple TV set top box, but recent reports indicate the plans are on hold. Apple is said to be running into roadblocks due to its desire to offer a “skinny” bundle of channels for around $30 per month, while content providers are unwilling to exclude any of their channels, which would lead to a higher priced bundle.

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