Pulse Play for Apple Watch Tracks Your Score While Playing Tennis and Other Racket Sports

Pulse Play for Apple Watch Tracks Your Score While Playing Tennis and Other Racket Sports

Do you love playing racket sports like tennis, badminton, or even table tennis, but you and your opponent can’t agree on what the score is? Keep it friendly with Pulse Play, the racket sports scoring app for the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Pulse Play Apple Watch 2

The app allows players to update the score with just a tap of their Apple Watch’s screen. The app offers live scorekeeping, score announcements, match history and stats, and a social ranking system.

Pulse Play works with all major racket sports, including: tennis, badminton, ping pong (table tennis), and squash. The app also works with Pulse Play’s own wearable, which had a successful Indiegogo campaign in April 2015.

Features of the app include:

  • Scorekeeping made easy – score your match live from your Apple Watch or Pulse Play smartwatch with a touch of a button
  • Stop announcing the score – let Morgan Freeman or Arnold Schwarzenegger do it.
  • Know how good you are compared to friends and other players, with our unique ranking system
  • See your improvement with our full match history and player statistics
  • Open as many private leagues as you want – for weekend tennis buddies or for workplace ping-pong league
  • Compare yourself to other players and rivals with our Head-to-Head feature

The developer says Pulse Play is the only smartwatch for racket sport players built by a Grand Slam champion. (I’m guessing they’re correct…) Developed for both Pulse Play and Apple Watch, the Pulse Play app offers live scorekeeping, match history & statistics, and league creation. Pulse Play aims to give amateur and recreational players the pro experience. Pulse Play is led by Andy Ram. For more information, visit the Pulse Play website.

The Pulse Play app is free, and is available in the App Store for the iPhone and Apple Watch. [GET IT HERE]