iOS 10 How To: Share an App Using 3D Touch

iOS 10 How To: Share an App Using 3D Touch

Apple had announced last week that they would be adding a number of new features to the App Store in iOS 10, including an easier way to share 3rd-party apps with other users via 3D Touch.

iOS 10 How To: Share an App Using 3D Touch

Until iOS 10, users had to find the app in the App Store before sharing it via email, text message, or social networks. In the upcoming mobile operating system’s update, Apple supplies a much easier way of sharing information about an app.

Sharing an App via 3D Touch in iOS 10

As seen in the screenshots above, you can simply push on an app’s icon, and even if it doesn’t normally support any 3D Touch Quick Actions, you can still “Share” an app from¬†the shortcut menu. (Note: this currently only works on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus handsets.)

If you tap the “Share” option, you’ll see a share sheet come up, offering you the option to share the app via a number of ways. In the screenshots, we’ve shared it via iMessages, and as you can see, it creates a message listing the apps name, and a link to it. Very handy.

We’ll explore more new iOS 10 features in upcoming articles. There are a lot of great features coming your way in the Apple’s new mobile operating system.

(Note: Since iOS 10 is still in the beta stage, and features shown in this article may not make the cut into the final version. Although, I’d give this one a pretty good chance of making it in though.)

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