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The Menu Says for iOS Translates French Restaurant Menus to English

The Menu Says for iOS Translates French Restaurant Menus to English

If you’re planning a trip to France this summer, but just don’t have time to learn the language, an app from independent developer Creekcats can at least make ordering a meal a bit easier for you. The Menu Says offers travelers the ability to take a quick photo of any French menu, and have it quickly translated into English.

The Menu Says for iOS Translates French Restaurant Menus to English

Users can simply snap a photo of the menu, crop the image to fit the column they want translated, tap “Translate,” and then view a professional translation. In just a few moments, it’s time to order a delicious meal. (I hear their sauces and gravies are to die for!)

The Menu Says is the latest in a series of menu translation apps released by Creekcats. Their other apps include: “Le Menu Dit,” which performs English to French menu translations; “Il Menu Dice,” their popular English to Italian menu translator; and Caidanshuo, their English to Chinese menu translation tool.


  • Translates French menus to English, using a photo of the menu
  • Works without an Internet connection
  • Includes over 38,000 menu-related words and phrases
  • Displays translated words in a bold font, perfect for travelers 55 and older
  • Shows each line of the menu with its translation immediately below, so it’s easy to match each item to its translation.
  • Saves results, so users can easily go back and forth through pages of a menu
  • Includes a built-in flashlight function for use in low-light conditions
  • Shares translation results via email or Facebook with an available Internet connection

The idea for a menu translation app came from the frustration lead developer Phil Price experienced attempting to order a meal while on a family vacation in Germany. Upon return to the states, Phil and his team began working on their first app.

Unlike most translation apps, which attempt to be an all around translation tool, The Menu Says concentrates on menu translation. The development team decided against using a machine-based translation engine early on, and instead, enlisted the aid of Mr. Robert Sachs, who is both a State Department-certified translator, and a lover of fine French cuisine, to create the translation dictionary.

The Menu Says 2.52 is free, and is available in the App Store. [GET IT HERE] The app can be launched three times for free, and several menu pages can be processed with a single launch of the app, so a user can use the app for several meals for free. There are two options available to unlock the app, both available via a convenient in-app purchase. Options for premium features include one week’s usage for $0.99, or unlimited usage for $2.99.