2018 iPhone Rumored to Include Iris Scanner Security

2018 iPhone Rumored to Include Iris Scanner Security

The 2016 iPhones haven’t even been officially announced, so let’s leapfrog to the 2018 iPhones. Sure, why not? A report by DigiTimes says Apple will possibly debut an iPhone that includes iris scanning capabilities in 2018.

2018 iPhone Rumored to Include Iris Scanner Security
An iris recognition machine at the Schiphzl Airport. The iris scanner on the 2018 iPhone will be MUCH smaller. Trust us on that one. – Image: MacRumors

Iris scanning, which likely won’t be limited to Barry Allen’s girlfriend, is included in a DigiTimes¬†piece covering the increasing interest in advance biometric functionality in smartphones.

The technology¬†would verify a user’s identity via the iris of their eye, which is a circular colored muscle in the eye, and whose complex pattern is said to be as unique to each person as a fingerprint is.

Iris scanning could take the place of the Touch ID fingerprint system currently used on the iPhone and iPad to verify a user’s identity to log into their device, and to make payments via Apple Pay.

While reports from DigiTimes should always be treated as a “we’ll look for that feature when we see it coming,” type of thing. Semi-reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes Apple will introduce new biometric features for the iPhone in the near future. Samsung is also rumored to be bringing iris scanning technology to its upcoming Galaxy Note 7, debuting next month.

3 model years is a long time to hold your breath, so just relax and enjoy the next two iPhones, and we’ll see what we see in 2018.

(Via MacRumors)