The Impact Cyber Attacks Have On Us – Infographic

The Impact Cyber Attacks Have On Us – Infographic

This week’s distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on DNS provider Dyn’s servers demonstrated just how fragile the Internet, and all of our connected devices, can be. Utica College released the infographic below a few years back, but it still does a good job of outlining the impact that cyber attacks, like the one on Friday, can have on us.

Technology is constantly changing. The popularity of cutting-edge platforms that connect individuals and allow them to share and store data is increasing – daily. No one is immune to online security threats. As attackers employ innovative techniques and exploit new vulnerabilities, the demand for increased protection grows. Learn how cyber attacks affect us personally, professionally, financially, and emotionally, both at home and abroad – and what the future holds for cybersecurity.

Click the infographic to learn more about Utica CollegeThe Impact Cyber Attacks Have On Us

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